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It is my goal to reach more people who could never afford to hire a professional organizer to come into their homes. The financial barriers to getting this sort of help are steep and unnecessary. Part of my mission is to continue to break them down through this accessible, actionable and affordable lessons.

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Self-Study Courses

Self-Study Courses

Collection of Tutorial Videos and Workbook to help you Declutter your home. 

    Hi, I'm Jes Marcy!

    I currently work with clients in person and virtually, in workshops, in online group settings, over the phone, and in their homes and offices. I refer to my style of Professional Organizing "Prioritize Your Sanity" because that is always the goal of this work we do together. When your space supports your life, you are free to focus on what really matters.

    I am also a lifelong student of habit change and self-development. To this end, the work of Gretchen Rubin, Jen Sincero, Hal Elrod, and many more provide me with language and skills to share with my clients. And, true to my nature, I continue to pursue opportunities to expand my understanding of people and the spaces they inhabit. I am currently working on certifications in both Reiki and Feng Shui, organizing backpacking adventures, and finding a new passion and voice in helping people to reduce waste in their lives.

    Decluttering and organizing is not simply throwing out your possessions, or sorting them into clear bins with beautiful labels. It's figuring out how you can create an environment that supports you and your family every day. It's about honoring your past, dreaming of your future, and creating space to live in the moment. It's a beautiful journey, and I would love the opportunity to support you along the way.

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